The End of Worry and Micromanagement


Leadership That Lets You Let Go

Kevin Crenshaw, Turnaround CEO
Kevin Crenshaw, Turnaround CEO

By Kevin Crenshaw, Rapid Turnaround CEO
and Leadership Change Consultant

The Complete, Rapid Blueprint for Hands-Off Leadership in Any Organization

Neverboss Hardcover Book

Unleash focus and excellence without begging

Build teams that take initiative and ownership

Create permanent empowerment

Based on actual turnarounds worldwide

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Effective Teams that Manage Themselves

Unleash Leadership Cultures Almost Overnight

Great culture is the "silver bullet" of success. It beats strategy, it makes execution easy, and it's your best recruiting and retention tool. When everyone loves their jobs passionately, you become unstoppable. And it isn't hard. We guarantee it.

Leadership You
Can Actually Measure.

"What we measure, improves." Easily measure the change—from managers and workers into leaders—at all levels of your company.

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What Is Hands-Off Leadership™?

Quickly build workforces, teams, and companies that think like leaders—without losing control.

Kevin Crenshaw Author of Neverboss

Great Leadership in Two Minutes a Week. 

Turn Your Hierarchy into an Asset (Instead of an Expensive Liability)

We love self-management. But firing the hierarchy can create confusion and stress.

The solution is Hands-Off Leadership. It sets your managers on a mission to create leaders instead of followers. Then you move from top-down to self-managed together, over time, as fast as people can handle it. Hands-Off Leadership™ is your rapid roadmap to structured freedom without chaos.

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You'll see rapid positive change—or fire us without pay.