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TEMPLATE: Quick Biz Case (QBC)

Worth It or Not? You can’t do everything. Opening one door means closing others because time and resources are limited. The principle is: Ignore the trivial many—focus on the crucial few. So you need to choose well.This is especially important in Hands-Off Leadership organizations because liberated workers can have too many good ideas.The Quick Biz Case […]

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TEMPLATE: Turnaround Scorecard

Rapid Change For Your Most Valuable Asset: People and Teams When people or teams struggle, it’s usually because the parameters aren’t clear​. The Turnaround Scorecard creates a safe and powerful environment for improvement—and clear documentation in the less-likely case where improvement isn’t happening quickly enough.Most of the time, a worker or team on a Turnaround […]

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TEMPLATE: Guiding Principles

Sure Guardrails for Fast, Excellent Decisions Principles give life to Hands-Off Leadership. Teach good principles and your people can almost manage themselves. Principles give broad authority to ACT and take INITIATIVE, safely and effectively, within common-sense boundaries. This eliminates the need for constant approval and double-checking that would otherwise wear out both managers and workers.As an […]

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POSTER: Decision Quality

All Decisions Are Not Created Equal Most of the time, people make decisions for reasons. But as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, that means we can find a “good reason” for anything we already want to do. In other words, having a reason doesn’t make it a good decision.So how do we ensure good decisions? Great […]

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TEMPLATE: Communication Channels

The End of Information Overload The solution to information overload isn’t less communication, it’s CLARITY.​ Great communication gets the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. That can’t happen unless you make the channels clear, and you have the right kinds of channels.A huge key to that is […]

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TEMPLATE: Zone Chart

An Org Chart That Empowers Instead of Controlling Traditional organization charts tell people their job descriptions and who they answer to. The result is traditional, top-down management.A Zone Chart is different. It focuses on authority: zones and roles within those zones, so people know each other’s areas, expertise, authority, MPAs, and how to support each other. Zone […]

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TEMPLATE: Company Handbook, Open Floor Policy, and Bullying Policy

Clarity That Supports Hands-Off Leadership Clarity and structure can suffer in smaller, newer, or fast-growing companies. The result?Micromanagement—to try to manage risk. But micromanaged workers stop caring.Instead, establish clarity based on principles, and managers can start to give authority without fear. This Company Handbook is a helpful starting point.Edit this document to suit your own needs. […]

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