Hands-Off Leadership™ Is an “Open” Trademark

"May I Use the Hands-Off Leadership Trademark?"

Hands-Off Leadership™ is an open trademark of Neverboss/Priacta, Inc. This means that we readily license its use without monetary payment as long as it is used in a way that supports the open Mission of Neverboss. We do ask for a link acknowledging our trademark rights, and we ask you to make it clear how you have modified or improved the Hands-Off Leadership model in your own practice.

Option 1. If You Want To Use the Hands-Off Leadership™ Trademark To ...

  • Truthfully describe a Neverboss or Priacta site or services
  • Accurately report news
  • Create honest reviews

Then "Yes!" Just use it with Capitalized First Letters, and if you acknowledge other third-party trademarks, please link to or acknowledge ours too.

Option 2. If You Want to Use the Hands-Off Leadership™ Trademark (Just the Trademark) For...

  • Your own coaching, training, or consulting websites or materials, or
  • Your own services using your own materials AND/OR our unmodified Free Book Resource or Store materials, which are
  • Consistent with the Neverboss Mission,
  • With NO additional certification or training from us, 
  • With NO exclusivity, NO referrals, and NO listing on our site as a NEVERBOSS™ Certified Provider,

Then "Yes! AS LONG AS" we both sign a Quick License granting you these rights without monetary compensation. (The complexities of trademark law require the agreement.)

This license ONLY covers the use of the Hands-Off Leadership™ trademark. It does not cover our other materials or trademarks.

This license is available even if you compete with us. We believe in and foster the principles of Gracious Professionalism® and win/win Coopertition® as demonstrated by FIRST. When everyone practices Hands-Off Leadership™ and builds cultures of empowerment, everyone wins.

3. If You Want Exclusive Rights, Certification, and Promotion Within Your Industry...

  • Exclusive licensing to use our materials and trademarks to deliver services in your niche or areas of practice,
  • Ability to adapt our materials as you see fit in your industry,
  • NEVERBOSS™ Certified Provider status,
  • Promotion or you on our web site,
  • Referrals from us for those in your areas of practice or niche, with
  • Continuous direct training and support from Kevin Crenshaw and the Neverboss team, then

That's available too! Contact us and let's start the discussion.

All Other Uses, Contact Us to Discuss

We will not unreasonably withhold permission. Let's talk to discuss what you'd like to do.

Additional Acknowledgements

Our open trademark policy for the HANDS-OFF LEADERSHIP trademark was independently arrived at, but further inspired by and assisted by the Wikipedia Trademark Policy. Both or our organizations are part of a growing movement to encourage open trademarks worldwide.

Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® are registered trademarks of United States Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST). Neverboss is not endorsed by or affiliated with FIRST, but we ARE fans.