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Initiative Cards (Wallet Cards)


Launch Hands-Off Leadership™ and take charge without taking control. Initiative wallet cards help you stay laser-focused so you know when and how to Step Up, Step Back, and Step Away. Inspire ownership, initiative, and smart decision-making. Hold each other accountable to your new all-leaders culture.

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These matching leadership and initiative wallet cards make your leadership script easy to follow, anywhere. Keep them in your purse or wallet for instant reference before crucial conversations, during team meetings, or after everyday discussions. Tack an Initiative Card to your badge to invite your team to FEEL, THINK, and take INITIATIVE. Remind yourself and those around you to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

“Script the critical moves.” —Switch

Super-effective, attractive, and thin enough to carry anywhere. Useful for anyone, or use it to support Neverboss™ training and coaching and Hands-Off Leadership™.

Initiative wallet cards show the Initiative Score on the front (letter score, A thru F) to help your people measure their initiative. On the back is the Decision Quality guide, helping them make great decisions instead of choosing paths based on flimsy “reasons.”

20PT plastic, full color, 2-sided.

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