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Leadership Systems Analysis and Design


Create a highly-empowering company, department, or team with an easiest-possible blueprint for rapid change. With Neverboss™ training, coaching and consulting for Hands-Off Leadership™.

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What's really holding back your teams, managers, and organization? What will it take for your managers to lead brilliantly instead of micromanaging? How can you get everyone at all levels to take ownership and initiative, starting right now? A Leadership Systems Analysis and Design discovers these answers and helps you launch precise, effective change—fast.

Most "people problems" are actually process problems. A Leadership Systems Analysis and Design identifies your exact sticking points, then shows you how to create ideal change with the least possible effort. This unleashes the floodgates of change—the right kind of change—in your organization. People love what they do. They see and seize the right opportunities and overcome obstacles. They naturally engage. They take ownership but naturally collaborate with other stakeholders. Recruiting and retention become easy, because people love the culture. The change is refreshing and stunning.

Using our Delphic Interviewing approach, we confidentially interview the key players around a department, team, product, or process. Privacy and anonymity are 100% assure so people share their real concerns. (That can't happen if your own leaders do the interviewing, due to fear of consequences and internal blind spots.) Once all issues are seen from all angles, the full picture becomes clear.

We then rely on decades of experience to spot the real underlying issues with the biggest impact on productivity, morale, culture, management, and profitability. Then we apply proven principles from hundreds of sources to create an elegant solution just for your situation. We teach you the smallest, simplest changes with the least effort, with the greatest impact, the fastest, in the right order. Because it's simple, it's possible. Because they feel results immediately, people love it. Because it's fast, people feel confident that excellent change is possible, leaving them hungry for more.

Your transformation plan will be based on the NEVERBOSS Hands-Off Leadership Roadmap, tailored to the specific issues and needs of your organization.

The result? Relief! Pains you've lived with for years will diminish and then disappear. Core issues are clearly understood. A rapid response plan is created to resolve deeper issues (if any) that take longer to transform, such as interpersonal skills, collaboration barriers, emotional intelligence, and entrenched culture struggles.

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks.
Service level: 1 hour confidential interviews for up to 8 key stakeholders or team members, with additional follow-up interviews, ~1 week of internal analysis, ~1 week of plan synthesis, presentation, and deployment strategy session (without divulging any confidences).
Prerequisites: Free initial consultation to determine your needs and ensure likelihood of success. We don't take on assignments unless we are confident that the change can happen.
Terms and Guarantee: 50% prepay. Balance on completion under the terms of our Rapid Change Guarantee. Full contract will be provided prior to engagement.

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