Private Group Coaching - Neverboss

Private Group Coaching

$3,000.00 / month



Join other empowering leaders in your own organization in mastering the tools and habits of empowering leadership. Bring real-world problems to your coaching session where you listen, share and solve them together. Learn and practice new tools in a fast, fun, highly engaging way, like a workshop but much more interactive and targeted to your actual workplace issues.

Includes ELU access/credit

Any number of people from the same company
Min 6 people per group (See Small Group Coaching for smaller groups)
Max ~20 people per group (more at your discretion, but larger groups mean less 1-1 attention)
Groups start when you are ready

1 hour per week regular coaching sessions, plus up to 1 hour per month ad hoc coaching by phone/email/text. All coaching is virtual. We’ve been virtual training/coaching/telework pioneers since 1997, we are experts at it and we guarantee the results.

This private coaching session is ideal for organizations wanting their people to master empowering leadership together, with company confidentiality assured.

Rapid Change Guarantee. If you don’t see rapid change you LOVE within the first 30 days, fire us without pay. As seen in the book.