Rapid Leadership and Culture Change Proposal


Build an all-leaders organization. Align and empower key leaders and key workers in place, without hiring a Transformation Executive. Featuring Neverboss® coaching and training using the Hands-Off Leadership™ roadmap.

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Move your organization from "managers and followers" to "leaders at all levels" with empowering leadership.

For rapid culture change with less monthly cost than a dedicated Rapid Change Executive, this is your best option. A highly-experienced empowering leadership expert uses our proprietary methods to coach, mentor, train, and transform your organization. This usually starts with the executive team OR key leaders in a single division or department.

After we inspire full, enthusiastic buy-in from your people, coaching and happens in the actual meetings where you tackle day-to-day issues and run your business. We teach you how to transform without disruption. Your people learn by doing, so they learn, remember, and master the new methods and principles. Other coaching and mentoring happens individually to develop leadership, empower people with specific tools, and resolve individual issues, with some group rapid training sessions as needed to resolve key sticking points. Outside of the coaching and training sessions we observe, analyze, and synthesize optimal next steps, then return in the next session to accelerate the change.

Duration: Typically 3 to 12 months for your entire organization, depending on your size, needs, commitment, current culture, and challenges.
Service level: 5 hours per week plus 1 additional hour/week for ad hoc needs, laser communication, additional training, mentoring, or coordination.
Prerequisites: A Management Systems Analysis and Design or prior Rapid Leadership and Culture Change assignment to assess and plan.
Terms and Guarantee: You will see rapid, positive change you love, every month, or you don't pay. See our Rapid Change Guarantee for details. Full contract will be provided prior to engagement.