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POSTER: Decision Quality

All Decisions Are Not Created Equal

There are good, better, and best decisions

Most of the time, people make decisions for reasons. But as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, that means we can find a "good reason" for anything we already want to do. In other words, having a reason doesn't make it a good decision.

So how do we ensure good decisions? Great decisions rely on actual evidence, based on current outcomes we can measure. But when you don't have solid evidence yet, principles are the best initial guideposts. Principles are simple, time-tested truths that rely on past evidence to point the way forward. And if you're not sure about the principles, you can look ahead to the likely impacts on the clients, the workers, and the world for a good starting point in your decision-making.

Use the chart below to train teams to make great decisions—and to stop making decisions based on gut instinct or "reasons."

Click the image below to open the Decision Quality Chart in PDF format. You can also access it in JPG format. You may copy and share freely under the terms of the CC BY-ND 4.0 License.

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This chart is also available as a convenient plastic wallet card, in combination with the Levels of Initiative card.

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Decision Quality Chart for Hands-Off Leadership


CHAPTER: "Give Authority, Not Tasks"

​ACTION: Add Guardrails for Safe, Effective Decisions

Decision Quality

In your next meeting with them, distribute Decision Quality charts and discuss how to make the best decisions. Consider giving everyone plastic wallet cards to carry or attach to their security badges as they master this skill. Wallet cards like the one below are available in the Neverboss Store.

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