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HOW TO: Use the Neverboss Resources and Community

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Welcome! Here's What to Expect...

Welcome to the free NEVERBOSS book resources area! Here you can:

  • Find and improve resources for NEVERBOSS™ and Hands-Off Leadership™
  • Chat with coaches and other leaders worldwide
  • Build relationships with coaches and leaders worldwide who are implementing Hands-Off Leadership

You should be notified as new resources are added. Advanced/premium training lessons will be added in the future. You can unsubscribe from notifications with one click in any email.

As You Read NEVERBOSS...

Use the free resources to start implementing Hands-Off Leadership:

  • Many chapters refer to TEMPLATEs—shareable documents to speed your change.
  • Other resources here include POSTERs, INTROs, HOW TOs, and REVIEWs.
  • Most book chapters have simple ACTIONs. ACTIONs are found within the resource lesson (TEMPLATE or POSTER) they most pertain to.
  • Don't do everything at once. Progress, not perfection.

Discussion and Comments

Leadership is social. The most fundamental element of leadership is communication. So, these book resource pages aren't just downloads, they're interactive and collaborative. This is a private community where you can help and be helped. Together, we're changing the world's concept of leadership.

Here's how to interact with the community:

  • Share your thoughts on any page at the bottom, like you see below.
  • Discuss and connect outside of Neverboss U using social media, if you choose.
  • Inside resource documents, you should be able to make comments and corrections, share insights, and make suggestions. As you do, you'll practice the collaborative knowledge approach that's so important to Hands-Off Leadership.
Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin is The Instant COO™ and CEO of Priacta / Neverboss. He is the author of NEVERBOSS: Great Leadership by Letting Go. He's also a speaker, rapid empowerment consultant, and creator of Total Relaxed™ Organization. He loves people, leadership, coaching, speaking, tackling tough problems, and physics, but not usually all at once. :)

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