TEMPLATE: Quick Biz Case (QBC) - Neverboss

TEMPLATE: Quick Biz Case (QBC)

Worth It or Not?

Ignore the trivial many, focus on the crucial few

You can't do everything. Opening one door means closing others because time and resources are limited. The principle is: Ignore the trivial many—focus on the crucial few. So you need to choose well.

This is especially important in Hands-Off Leadership organizations because liberated workers can have too many good ideas.

The Quick Biz Case helps you ask the right questions, quickly, so you and your team can decide in under 10 minutes whether something is worth a second look.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the Image below to open the Quick Biz Case.

Make a copy, then customize it for your own needs​ before sharing with your organization. Ask as few questions as possible, but make sure the bases are covered.

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Quick Biz Case to decide fast if an opportunity is worth a second look


CHAPTER: Saying "No" to a Thousand Things

ACTION: Implement Simplicity

As a Team

Assemble a tiger team to decide which projects to set aside so you can focus on what matters most.​


Pick one of the tools in this chapter of NEVERBOSS (Burn Box, Parked List, Intentionally Ignore, or Dumpster) and implement it.

If you choose burn box, find a box and a convenient place for it. Under your desk is usually fine. If you choose the Intentionally Ignore list, take 5 minutes, brainstorm what you want to ignore, and put it somewhere where you’ll see it daily. For the first few weeks as you try this out, your list will change quite a bit. That’s normal.​

BONUS ACTION: Implement the Quick Biz Case (QBC)

Just saying "no" isn't enough. You also need to stop saying "yes" to the wrong new things or simplicity becomes chaos again. The Quick Biz Case (above) is a tool that quickly sifts the good from the bad.

Create a shared copy of the document and customize it for your firm. Answer the questions in it rapidly, instinctively. Who is affected? What is the impact if we ignore this? What is the potential upside if we do? What will it cost? How much time? Etc. Make the QBC available to everyone in the company, from janitors to executives, and make it clear that it applies to everyone, even (and maybe especially) the CEO.​

Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin is The Instant COO™ and CEO of Priacta / Neverboss. He is the author of NEVERBOSS: Great Leadership by Letting Go. He's also a speaker, rapid empowerment consultant, and creator of Total Relaxed™ Organization. He loves people, leadership, coaching, speaking, tackling tough problems, and physics, but not usually all at once. :)