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POSTER: The Rapid Empowerment Roadmap

NEVERBOSS Rapid Roadmap for Hands-Off Leadership

Becoming a Highly-Empowered, Highly-Engaged Organization

Great companies are like great buildings—start with a great foundation and build from there. When you begin with empowering culture, your people become partners in the process—actively thinking like engaged owners instead of passive, disengaged workers. This is a huge change from traditional leadership, which tries to build from the top down.

That's why the Rapid Empowerment Roadmap starts with a foundation of CULTURE change. As your culture of empowerment starts to take hold, move quickly to higher levels to support the new culture and ensure lasting excellence.

Empowering leadership needs a solid framework to take hold as a permanent asset in your organization. Otherwise, systems and processes will reward controlling, punish initiative, and undermine your message.

To implement it:

  • Start at the lowest level and implement those principles and methods​ first.
  • Use the NEVERBOSS book and these lessons from Neverboss U. 
  • Don't dwell too long on one level. When you have 50% mastered one element and are starting to feel the benefits, move to the next.
  • Later levels will reinforce habits and methods you already learned, making them easier and permanent.

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Hands-Off Leadership Roadmap - Neverboss

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Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin is The Instant COO™ and CEO of Priacta / Neverboss. He is the author of NEVERBOSS: Great Leadership by Letting Go. He's also a speaker, rapid empowerment consultant, and creator of Total Relaxed™ Organization. He loves people, leadership, coaching, speaking, tackling tough problems, and physics, but not usually all at once. :)