INTRO: Collaborating with Google Docs - Neverboss
Google Drive Example: Neverboss Folder

Why Google Documents (or Similar)?

Your tools can make or break your leadership.

One manager insists on emailing ​standalone documents back and forth. Surprisingly, this hurts his ability to lead! Here's why:

  • You can't see each other edit in the same document at the same time, so simultaneous collaboration is impossible.
  • This means you need to "make your changes and send them back."
  • That's slow, which has a huge chilling effect on feedback.
  • Worse, since the boss sees it last, it implies: "I may revise your changes at any time without telling you." Therefore, only the boss feels real ownership.
Google Drive Example: Neverboss Folder

The Power of Google Documents

Google Documents can instantly foster collaboration because:

  • They can (optionally) be shared with anyone, anywhere​.
  • Multiple people can access and edit them simultaneously.
  • People SEE each other editing in the same documents at the same time, so you feel greater teamwork and collaboration.
  • Formatting is limited, which helps you to focus on CONTENT instead of unnecessary frills.
  • Finding documents is as easy as searching (just like you do in Google) for any words in the document, not just the title.

The Limitations of Google Documents

  • They can be harder to organize than traditional folders on Macs or PCs.
  • Formatting options are limited. (But this is also an advantage. See above.)
  • You need to think differently about how to find them. (See advantages, above.)

If your IT department isn't on speaking terms with Google, there are alternatives that work almost as well. See the next lesson.

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