TEMPLATE: Zone Chart (Zones and Roles) - Neverboss

TEMPLATE: Zone Chart (Zones and Roles)

An Org Chart That Empowers Instead of Controlling

The Smart Chart™ empowers instead of controlling

Traditional organization charts tell people their job descriptions and who they answer to. The result is traditional, top-down management.

A Zone Chart is different. It focuses on authority: zones and roles within those zones, so people know each other's areas, expertise, authority, MPAs, and how to support each other. Zone Charts are also collaborative, so cross-functional teams emerge quickly, anytime. When needs arise, form a team from the stakeholders. Disband just as quickly when those needs are handled (and archive the team in case you need it later).

Click the Zone Chart image below to open a Google Doc template you can copy and share freely. Make a copy and start creating your own team, department, and company Zone Charts.

See the ACTION​ below it that relates to the Zone Chart, with additional detail from the book.

Click the Image to Get the Smart Chart Template...

Zone Chart Sample - Neverboss


CHAPTER: Roles, Supervisors, and Team Leaders

ACTION: Create Your Own Zone Chart

Using a shared document that anyone can edit simultaneously (like the Google Doc template above), create a Zone Chart for your organization. No fancy graphics. This is NOT a flow chart either. Flow charts are too inflexible. Just use text. Don't try to make it perfect at first—you want progress, not perfection.

Start listing the key teams in your organization. Ask everyone to add themselves to it with their job descriptions as zones and roles. Include process and project teams. When listing teams, don’t just list the team members. List their zones, and list Owners, Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, and Champions, including outside resources. That way people know their zones, roles, and support system.

Click the template image above for an example and easy starting point.

CHAPTER: Most Profitable Activities

ACTION: Discover Your Team MPAs

What would it cost to hire someone else to do what you're doing? Add "MPA Exercise" to your next team meeting agenda. In that meeting, explain the principle, then have everyone to activities they spend the most time doing. This should be quick, 5 minutes or less, on screen in your meeting notes. Quickly add items to each other’s lists that they may have overlooked. Then each person should put estimated $/hr values for the company to hire each action out. Star the 2 top items most valuable to the company. These are your MPAs.

Now make sure that these MPAs appear in your Zone Chart. Flag each one with an asterisk. Everyone needs to see them.

Finally, take personal assignments to choose KPIs to match your MPAs. Add this to your 1-on-1 agendas now to discuss what you decided. In those meetings, certify: "How do we know this is a good KPI?"

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