FAQs: Will This Work For Us?

Q: Can We Afford You?

Yes. Not only do we offer three levels of service, we offer a revolutionary Case Study Client status. If you want change, you can get it.

Q: Will this work in our industry? We are regulated / have strong unions / rely on volunteers / inmates ..."

Companies that use liberating leadership models. The Neverboss model was developed partly through studying their stories.

Yes. Hands-Off Leadership works in all kinds of environments. For proof, look at these diverse companies that used similar liberating leadership models to create happy workplaces and dominate their industries. You can read about them in books like Freedom, Inc., Flight of The Buffalo, and Turn the Ship Around! Many of these were analyzed as part of the process of developing the Neverboss transformation model.

You will adapt the Neverboss model to your situation. Some environments limit how much authority you can share. One guiding principle is to give as much authority and ownership you can, as quickly as you can, according to the Leadership Steps.

What's Your Situation?

Coaching starts now. It's always 100% confidential.

Q: Are We Too Big (Or Small)?

Hands-Off Leadership cultures work for companies of all sizes. The principles are infinitely scalable. It works because you push authority down, towards information for better, faster decisions—instead of pushing information up towards authority. At the same time, we (or you) will adapt the principles to your exact situation, technologies, etc.

As Transformation Executives: We work with companies, divisions or departments of any size. For larger firms we start with one division to create a beachhead of momentum and ambassadors. Their success motivates the rest of the company and maximizes the speed of change. From there, we spread the change rapidly to the rest of the firm.

As Rapid Change Coaches/Consultants: We work with any size firm. Larger companies should start with a pilot division or department to build momentum, ambassadors, and in-house trainers. Their success story becomes a catalyst and strong motivation for rest of the company.

If You Do It Yourself, At Your Pace: It still works with any size firm. However, start with a small team or department you know well and have authority over. This helps you build momentum and fellow champions as quickly as possible.