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Our Revolutionary “Pay What You Can” Plan

We're Serious About Freeing You and Empowering Your Company

"Create highly-empowering organizations" isn't just a plaque on our wall. It's our mission to empower as many managers, workers, and companies as we can, right now. That's why we created our Case Study Client program—no matter who you are or what your budget is, we want to help.

Great constraints unleash great creativity*. So we asked: "How do we help everyone AND stay laser-focused on our most profitable activities (MPAs*)? Then we applied the principle of multi-purposing* and found this great solution.

*See Kevin Crenshaw's transformative book, Neverboss for more details of these principles.

Tight Budget? Become a "Case Study Client"

Small businesses benefit from Hands-Off Leadership. If your budget is stretched, you may qualify as a Case Study Client.

If your budget is stretched but your desire is strong, you may qualify for our revolutionary "pay what you can" plan. Here's how it works:

  • As long as we have open coaching bandwidth, and if
  • You're an "interesting case," and
  • You allow recording/use of your coaching sessions (after we remove confidential details), then
  • We coach/train you in weekly private sessions, and
  • You pay a greatly reduced, "scholarship" rate until you can afford our regular rates.
  • In return, we get to share your "Case Study" details and recordings in our Who's In Charge Here?® reality podcast and other venues. (Again, with sensitive details removed.)

Call to discuss exact terms and conditions.

If you're an "interesting case" with a stretched budget, you may qualify for Hands-Off Leadership Training as a Case Study Client.
Q: How do I know if my company or team is an "interesting case?"​

A: If you're feeling pain, you probably qualify. (Will other leaders enjoy listening as your before and after stories unfold? Can they learn from them?) Call us and we'll find out together.

Hands-Off Leadership makes rapid culture change possible with empowered, happy workforces. It works for warehouses as well as offices spaces, worldwide.
Q: How do you "remove confidential details"?

A: We have a policy of positive speaking. When we publish a case study or recording, if any detail of your business or conversation might be embarrassing or confidential, then we obscure, fictionalize, or remove it. For example, when we publish excerpts of coaching and training sessions the audio is muted or cut where it might reveal sensitive information.

Hands-Off Leadership is suitable for businesses in all countries, industries, and cultures.
Q: Is there a size limit for Case Study Clients?

A: Not really. Companies, teams, and startups of all sizes are considered.

Hands-Off Leadership works in factories around the world.


If budget is the only thing holding you back...

call now and let's talk. You'll love our Case Study Client option.

(Worst case, you'll get some free coaching for our self-help resources.)

... Or Use Our Self-Help Resources

Small businesses don't usually have big budgets, but they're the backbone of free enterprise and the big businesses of tomorrow. That's why we also have self-help resources. If you're shy about being a Case Study Client, start here:

You can add coaching or training services (including becoming a Case Study Client) when you're ready.