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You've Heard Stories of Empowering Leaders...

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... But How Do You Do It and Make It Stick?
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We all love those stories of empowering leaders—brave souls who stepped back, unleashed their people, and got amazing results. BUT how do you repeat their success? The stories and methods all seem so different.

They aren't. Not really. Under the surface lies a clear pattern—the key elements that always drove their success.

NEVERBOSS reveals that path. It's far more than a fun, raved-about leadership story—it's a step-by-step blueprint for building and leading highly-empowered organizations. Instead of bossing, managers become leaders, create leaders, and get to do what they do best. Workers take responsibility and love it.

It's based on the actual events, successful turnarounds, and shared elements in highly-empowered companies worldwide. NEVERBOSS lays it all out for you with actions, scorecards, charts, and examples—removing the guesswork and making great leadership contagious at all levels. Get it now at Amazon.

Praise for NEVERBOSS

Charles F. Middleton PMP and Former Director of Development, Product Manager

A Life-Changing Book for Anyone Who Leads Others

A beautiful and functional guide to success in business and life. Kevin and Laura manage to teach timeless principles through an engaging story backed up by real-life experiences. They cite authority from many other popular books and provide examples and tools that will help me put the concepts I learned in “Switch” and “7 Habits” into action. They provide brilliant solutions I hadn't thought were possible for many other difficult situations that arise in the story. This is a life-changing book for anyone who leads others; whether in business, as a community volunteer or as a parent. I highly recommend it.

Martin Piskoric 21st Century Entrepreneurship Podcast Host

The Book is Brilliant

The book is brilliant. I read it from the first to the last page and took notes. Kevin gives himself 100%—openly sharing his knowledge, understanding, and application.

I liked the book's structure as well. For this topic, it was better than a parable and way beyond the classical educational approach.

Neverboss made me think and engage, besides involving my emotions all the time. So both my left and right brain worked as I learned.

This book needs to be read by as many people as possible, from the C level to the front line.

Robert Bishop 5x Founder (All 5 Successful Exits)

A Good Read That Shows You "How"

Why didn't Kevin write this book earlier?... I really could have used it in my last two startups. Finally, a good read that not only provides the 50,000 ft level but also brings it down to Earth with how-to's. When I see "how" someone did something and not just the principle behind it, I can easily see how I can use that in what I do.

David Ackling-Jones CEO, BHSc.

A Lifesaver

I gave this book five stars because it is a lifesaver for me. I am a new business director and am struggling to manage the transition from being a practitioner to a business person. It is like having three full-time jobs, in addition to a young family.
Every chapter is densely packed with actionable insights, and there is an online learning program freely provided at the author's website. It is a book that gives a business person actionable turnaround strategies in each chapter....
Neverboss is a very readable story, with characters I related to, and a believable and moving set of adventures in search of a better leadership style.
Some people seem to be able to manage businesses with ease, and in my case it is an ability I need to build from the inside out. Neverboss seems a trustworthy guide for people determined to make a big positive change in their leadership and business mission.

Dino Eliadis Founder / President

The "How To" for Developing a High-Performance Organization

A tremendously great read for any business owner! For years I've advised owners on effectively leading their employees, I wish I had simplified it as well as Kevin has done here. He's done such a great job that we are advocating it to all our clients as the "how to" for developing a high-performance organization.

Jesse Perry Manager/Owner JP Technical

Brilliantly Done

A great book with some really solid principles. I enjoyed the story and appreciated the lessons being put into context. I honestly can't imagine getting as much out of a howto book in any other format, this really is brilliantly done. The story weaves in actual case studies, real-life examples and success stories with references. The principles are also backed up with references to various scholarly works that I would never find time to suffer through... so the author saved me a ton of time in his condensing this down.

Jeremiah Webb Master of Growth, Peak Results Consulting

I HIGHLY Recommend this Book

I could NOT put this book down. I started a business in 2012 and this book was transformational. We now use it for all of our internal employees and contributors. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Read it multiple times.

Tim Cali Commercial Sales Manager

Must-Read for Leaders!

A must-read for leaders!

Steven Leininger Partner, TWD Advisors

Transformation Has Been Magnificent

I first hired Kevin Crenshaw as a business coach for me personally. The results were so profound that my partners were asking what happened to me. Then we hired Kevin as a facilitator for our firm's retreat. We were so happy with the results that we hired him as our contract COO. The transformation has been magnificent.

Lindsay Uittenbogaard Founder, i2i and Mirror Mirror

As Easy to Read as 5 Dysfunctions

Spot on, practical, efficient, effective. Right up to date with common-sense wisdom that reflects all we know today about great leadership. And it's far from a theoretical blue-sky think piece—it's a story that comes with tools / templates and is as easy to read as Lencioni's 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Excellent book. Makes you wonder why leadership was so difficult before.

Shelly Hillier Director of Operations, McDonalds of Yakima Franchise Group

NEVERBOSS is The Way of the Future

NEVERBOSS is the way of the future. As a Director of a large organization and someone who is always looking for ways to improve my own leadership, I found the Principles to be solid and easy to apply. I enjoyed the character of Jeffrey, who opened our eyes to become better leaders. The results speak for themselves with lower turnover and happier employees.

Doug Kirkpatrick Future of Work Expert, TEDx Speaker, Former Principal at Morning Star

Put Neverboss to Work in Your Organization—As Soon as Possible

Neverboss is engaging, fundamentally sound, and actionable. Its timeless principles and practical techniques, woven throughout a thoroughly entertaining and approachable story, will resonate.

Enjoy Neverboss. Better yet, put Neverboss to work in your organization. As soon as possible.

Michael Clifton CEO, Marketing Pros International

New Wave

The new wave of leadership.

Marcia Moran Project Manager, Performance Architect

Fun to Read, Easy to Grasp

NEVERBOSS is fun to read, the tools are easy to grasp, and I am humbled by the way it's easy for managers to understand what is most important about turning a company around. This takes the NEVERBOSS philosophy and breaks it down into its individual components eloquently and simply. You see the worksheets keep pace with what is going on in the story. I have done turnarounds before, but this will make my next adventure much easier... and more fun.

Surprise! You Can Measure Leadership.

"What we measure, improves." Easily measure the change—from followers and managers into leaders—at all levels of your company.

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Quickly build workforces, teams, and companies that think like leaders—without losing control.

Kevin Crenshaw Author of Neverboss

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