Great Leaders Build Trust—Even In the Face of Disaster

Baltimore PD Responds to Body Cam Video

When trust is at risk, great leaders turn disaster into triumph and build trust instead. Here's how.


The following video seems to show a police officer planting drugs to make an arrest. Interesting and concerning.

THEN the Baltimore PD handles it at the news conference. Watch what they say.

How did you feel watching the officer's actions?

Then how did you feel after watching the Baltimore PD response?

Does the Baltimore PD response make you feel more or less likely to trust their department in the future?

Leadership Takeaways and Principles

  • It's not the mistake, it's how we respond.
  • Controlling information (no cameras) is a form of "using force." It's intellectual violence that creates fear and resistance.
  • Transparency (using cameras) builds accountability, trust, and cooperation.

See the full original article at the NBC News website.

Kevin Crenshaw

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