Enjoy Rapid Culture Change That Lasts

Ultra-Rapid Culture Change Is Possible. And It Lasts.

Neverboss - Empowering Leadership That Lets You Let Go

Culture change doesn't have to be slow or painful. If you want an ultra-engaged workplace where people care and act like leaders, you can start enjoying it in a few days or weeks.

Astonishing, but it's not theory, it's actual experience using our proprietary process. In the end, everyone cares and bosses don't need to boss because motivation is high, authority is shared, safety is universal, and there is no confusion. Everyone leads their own areas. Workers feel motivated to work harder at the same pay, with no change in title, because they suddenly love what they're doing and they do what they're good at. Everyone cares about the vision because they helped create it.

In the end, the change lasts because it's refreshing, fun, and built in from top to bottom. It's a new way of life that it doesn't depend on specific personalities, so there's more opportunity and leaders are free to move up or move around. Leadership at all levels becomes a new asset for your team, department, or company.

Culture Change As You Work, Without Boring Seminars

Most amazing of all, this all happens while everyone does their usual work.

The Hands-Off Leadership™ System

How is that even possible?

It's a process we've developed since 2006, when we transformed personal productivity for executives, teams, and companies. Now we apply it to rapid culture, leadership, and company change.

The process is loosely based on Theory of Constraints—find the smallest changes that give the greatest relief the fastest and start there, then move to the next ones.

It's called the Neverboss model. We begin with simple-but-powerful, foundational CULTURE changes that grease the skids for smooth work: guardrails (principles) that allow personal ownership and initiative without chaos; radical relief from meetings fatigue; universal safety so people start speaking up; redefining leadership and followership from "take control" and "take orders" to "everyone a leader in their areas."

Once these basic CULTURE changes start to take hold, we move on. We create universal CLARITY so coordinated action naturally increases and confusion ends, then we ensure solid CAPABILITY, and so forth.

Familiar with Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink? The bottom two Neverboss layers allow AUTONOMY. The next two power MASTERY, the final two drive PURPOSE—the three elements of Pink's Motivation 3.0.

Designed With Human Nature In Mind

Culture change one step at a time, based on principles of human nature.

The culture change process relies on human nature. Listen deeply (and 100% confidentially) and they feel hope. Show them a simple path based on familiar principles and an outcome they want—and solid evidence that it works—and their hope turns to confidence. Quickly remove what they hate and deliver what they want most (which isn't money, believe it or not!), and they love and fight for the change instead of fearing it.

The process has six levels. Each small, simple step has immediate, tangible benefits, which is another part of human nature: we have to see it working fast. And they do, which only increases their confidence and motivation in the process.

Finally, changes are made just-in-time, resolving real issues they face right now as they do their regular work.

Instead of talking about boring meetings, transform them at the start of their very next meeting. (After only 5 or 10 minutes of instruction, they dive right in to change their meetings into action-adventure, no-holds-barred, problem-solving sessions, tackling real burning issues. Because they learn-by-doing, culture change is immediate, and it sticks.) Fix communication problems and email inboxes naturally stop piling up. Push authority to information instead of the other way around, and people who see problems can start fixing them. And they will.

Three Paths—Your Choice

You can get started now. Begin on any of the following three paths and switch to another at any time.

We Do It

We Help You Do It

You Do It

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