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Change is possible, quickly, without changing who you are.

You’ll See Rapid Empowerment, Focused Leadership at All Levels, and Vibrant Culture Change

Rapid empowerment, culture change, and leadership at all levels. It isn’t just theory. It’s reality. We’ve done it, we know it works, and so do our clients. And now we want you to feel it—right away. So we’re taking the up-front financial risk.

With us at your side you’ll see:

  • The first refreshing changes within 7 to 10 days,
  • Dramatic positive change and confidence in our success within 30 days, and
  • An unmistakable culture of more self-empowerment, initiative, collaboration, and universal safety within 3 to 4 months, with
  • A clear, inspiring roadmap for the rest of the change over the next 6-12 months.

You NEED Rapid, Guaranteed Results

Those results are typical for us, but they are not typical for our industry. (One consultant group felt “good” about changes they saw after working with a client for three years. Three years? Can you really afford that?)

Rapid Change Guaranteed. You'll love it or you don't pay.

Our Rapid Change Guarantee protects your organization and you, personally. It solves the problems of typical consulting:

  • Risk is managed. You see results quickly, so you know it’s working. And since we guarantee our results, you don’t need to put your own reputation on the line.
  • Costs can’t escalate. Long, uncertain timeframes are only good for the consultants. They only create more fees and subtle motivation to keep billing hours.
  • You don’t permanently depend on consultants. You win people to what you win them with. Become dependent on consultants and you’ll always need consultants. Instead, show your people how to create leaders at all levels, all the time, so they become the experts. Once the change “sticks,” we move on.
  • People stay confident. Fast, refreshing results are crucial, so feel confident about the outcome—and about your judgement.
  • Expectations remain high in other areas. Culture sets the tone. When everyone sees rapid improvement here, they’ll know it’s possible everywhere else.

Not to mention how boring it feels to endure a slow transformation. When people lose interest, it only gets harder.

Rapid Change Guarantee: You’ll Love It Quickly (Or You Don’t Pay)

Our guarantee is simple:

Culture change you'll love. Guaranteed.

  • Use our Rapid Transformation Executive or Rapid Transformation Consultant Services.
  • We invoice you the first month 5% 10, Net 30.
  • By Day 10 of the first month, watch for signs of that dramatic positive change so you can take advantage of our great early payment discount. To claim the discount, pay 95% of the full invoice amount within 10 days of the invoice date, and we’ll write off the balance.
  • If you’re not sure, wait until the end of the month to assess and pay.
  • YOU decide if it’s working for you. If you’re not satisfied by the end of the month, write “not loving it” on the invoice and give us as much detailed feedback as you’d like. Pay nothing and owe nothing. Our engagement will come to an end with our apologies (and a discussion of what happened—at your sole discretion).
  • You’ll love every Coach/Trainer session or we’ll make it right with a replacement session immediately. Just let us know within 3 working days so we can maintain momentum.
  • After the first month, we work with you month-to month, so you decide when the change is sufficient.
  • Our goal is to be fired for excellent work—to make ourselves obsolete by embedding the expertise in your company forever.
  • See special situations below for exceptions.

Special Situations

Travel and Reimbursements

Travel and other reimbursable expenses are not part of the Rapid Change Guarantee. You are always responsible for reasonable travel and reimbursement expenses authorized under your Agreement.

Case Study Clients and Special Situations

Instead of the Rapid Change Guarantee, Case Study Clients get special payment rates and terms in return for “reality podcasting rights.” Similar trade-offs may apply in special situations. Your contract will list the exact terms of your engagement, and it will specifically mention the Rapid Change Guarantee if it applies to you.

Leadership Analysis and Design (Standalone or as a Phase)

We perform a Leadership Analysis and Design (Delphic Interviewing) for all Rapid Turnaround, Rapid Transformation Executive, and most Rapid Transformation Consultant clients. This means interviewing all key stakeholders using our Delphic Interviewing methodology that does not divulge confidences. This is a separate, intensive service that depends on the responsiveness of your staff. Furthermore, it must be completed before the rapid changes or coaching can begin. Therefore, when a Rapid Transformation Plan is provided as a deliverable, the Leadership Analysis and Design phase is performed on a 50% prepaid, nonrefundable basis with the 50% balance subject to the Rapid Change Guarantee.

Rapid Rapid Turnarounds, Rapid Transformation Executive

Even when leaders want to change, it can be hard to let go. So, when we work as a Rapid Transformation Executive (Instant COO, Rapid Turnaround Executive, or similar) we Step In and Step Up—taking firm control SO THAT authority can be given away (Step Back, Step Away) as quickly as possible. We then act as a gentle but absolutely firm and immovable buffer between the board, executive team, and/or workers until the new culture starts to take hold and the Powers-That-Be feel confident in the change.

In these situations, workers need to know WE are in charge long enough to make the change stick. Otherwise, they hold back “in case my old boss doesn’t like it and steps back in.” That fear can kill the new culture. For this reason, the Rapid Change Guarantee terms for a Rapid Transformation Executive or Turnaround Executive are different.

We will discover and discuss your exact needs when we interview your key stakeholders. Then we’ll lay out your guarantee to strike a balance between managing risk and assuring success.

A typical Rapid Turnaround or Rapid Transformation Executive contract might be structured like this:

  • The Leadership Analysis and Design phase is performed 50% prepaid with the balance subject to the Rapid Change Guarantee.
  • The Rapid Change Guarantee applies during the first month as usual. This is your guarantee period to experience the process and results.
  • The next three months continue as a single block, billed monthly, to ensure stability for the full initial 120 days of change. You may cancel at the end of this period for any reason as described in the contract.
  • The next 6 to 9 months continue as a second block, billed monthly, to ensure the remainder of the culture change and internal leadership/expertise development. This can be cancelled at the end of the second block for any reason per the contract.
  • The contract automatically converts to month-to-month thereafter. Usually we Step Away with completely new leadership trained and stable by month 15. Afterwards, we are available on a minimal retainer, as long as you want, to handle special situations as they arise.